When all things are settled now to move to your new condo unit, you must be on a state of relief. From attending showflats, screening options according to location, amenities, proximity to transportation networks, neighbors, and negotiating payment terms, it must have been taking a lot of your time and effort before choosing The Reef at King’s Dock Condo. But it may not be the time to rest yet as there are many more things to do before you are finally settled in your new address.

Moving out and settling in your new condo unit may yet be another big task ahead. To help you be more organized during the process, here are some pointers that you can follow.

Have a Final Family Walk-Through

Not all of your family members may have seen your new condo unit. It may be nice that before moving in, you let all your family members see it. You will be able to know the things that are yet to be done according to their suggestions. It will be a lot more convenient to make all improvements before moving in.

During your final walkthrough, you can also designate the proper area where your things will be unloaded. It will make it easier for you when the delivery crew leaves you alone to arrange your stuff.

Rehearse Your Family of the Condo By-Laws

While doing the walkthrough, you can enumerate the essential rules and regulations of the condominium. This is important as you may not like any of your family members to be breaking some of the condo association by-laws. Reiterate the consequences so all will be mindful of them every time.

Pack and Label Boxes

During your walkthrough also, you can label the rooms. This is important so you can do the same on the boxes you will use packing all your things. By doing so, the delivery crew will know where to place the boxes. In this case, you should organize all stuff before putting them in a box—also, label boxes with fragile items inside.

Hire the Right House Moving Company

When choosing the right house moving company, you have to look for one with a service vehicle that can accommodate all your things. A house moving company may also have big boxes to lend you. One important thing to look out for is the number of crewmen they have. It will be better to hire one with more men. You will be spared of carrying some of the boxes on your shoulder.

Doing all these things will surely make our first day in our new condo unit more convenient.