Not long ago, the process of buying a vacuum cleaner used to be a very simple task. It was that simple that salesmen could come to your home and try to persuade you into buying their vacuum machines. Those days are long gone, and now consumers will have to solely rely on their brain, intelligence, and wit to get the best vacuum that gives value for their money. If you have come this far in your research, then it is most likely that you are out here shopping for a silent vacuum cleaner.

Although this is a characteristic that so many homeowners desire, it is also likely that you could desire a vacuum cleaner that has sufficient power. Thus you should endeavour to find the one that has the appropriate balance of power and silence.

Bosch power silence vacuum cleaner

vacuum, cartoonIf you are out there searching for powerful, affordable and best silent vacuum cleaner, then definitely you will want to check out this model. This is a very great vacuum cleaner that has the best balance of power, excellent performance and high level of quietness. It is very silent that when in use it cannot disturb your child or partner who maybe asleep. This vacuum is very powerful and thus offers many conveniences in the cleaning process. It is usually bagless and can hold up to 3 liters of debris. Thus you don’t have to be emptying the canister that often.

The vacuum has a 10 metre operating room, thus does not require you to plug and unplug unnecessary ensuring that you are done with the job in the least time possible. It also comes with other additional features which make its functioning better.

Dyson dc49

This is also a great vacuum machine cleaner but to get it you have to spend a little bit more cash. Although it costs averagely more that other vacuum machines, it comes with some improved features and extra guarantees too. Thus its price is justified. The machine operates silently, thus very ideal for those who live in apartments. It ensures that your neighbors are not disturbed when you are using the machine. The machine also weighs an average of 5kg ensuring that you can move it around with absolute ease.

It has so many good features, but the 5-year guarantee is the best of them all. Besides being so quit, the machine is very powerful and has a high suctioning capability. Has a brush mechanism which is appropriate for all floors and it is very efficient in the removal of pet hair.

Hoover tse100 silent energy

vacuum This is a unique vacuum cleaner that has the ability to suck even the smallest of debris. It has a very powerful motor, that has the capability of cleaning the toughest of all stains. It also has a very modern style and design. It also has a unique feature of capturing allergy causing allergens. If you are suffering from any allergies, then it is highly advisable you go for such vacuum cleaner.